Blender animation test of a Hypsilophodon

Yup, nothing but a little field test for my first ever non-robotic Blender character model, which I very-very hastily threw together. I don’t have any plans for it, simply made it because I was itching to animate a CG dinosaur.

It’s not finished yet (needs better eyelids and a tongue, and some actual painted-on skin texture would also be nice), nor is it supposed to be anatomically accurate, so… uh… but it’s cute, right?

Trivia: it was originally meant to say “Rosebud” at the end, but that would have been too creepy, so I reanimated its mouth movements and gave it normal dino sounds.

And to those who are waiting for my next LEGO stop-motion: I’m already making up the jokes, but don’t hold your breaths.

#Brachiosaurus #Dinosaurs

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