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★Prologue – Season 2
After Rex had Darkno defeated, it seemed like peace had finally returned to Dino Island.
But it wasn’t long until another brutal villain, Vito, appeared to stir up Rex and his friend’s peaceful days.
And to add things up, new DinoCores (Mammoth, Tree, Kerato) joined in the DinoCore crew but they doubt Rex’s abilities as a Dino Master.
Stronger Mech Dinos and an even more clever Kaya leads the battle with an upgraded robot, Mech Golem.
To make things even more difficult, the defeated Darkno is back and starts his evil plans to return again.
What will the future hold for Rex and his friends?

★Characters Introduction
– Rex: Carefree / Optimistic / Outgoing
Rex prefers to act on his curiosity rather than thinking them through.
He is delighted at suddenly becoming the Dino Master who can rescue the world.
He fights against Darkno with the help of his friends and DinoCores.

– Akan Wei: The only successor of Barion
Akan is a Dino Master who has a strong sense of justice.
His attitude is cold and he ignores Rex.
But later his attitude chances through Rex’s strengths.

– Vito: He has a polite attitude but his personality is very cruel.
He is kind of mad scientist who makes a lot of electronic robots.

– Darkno: Evil / Ambitious / Greedy
A monster who desires the Dino Tuner and dreams of conquering the universe.

– Darkno Little: Darkno’s jewelry over the forehead has cracked by his last defeat.
At that result, his shape changes as a litte Darkno.
His goal is only to regain his original shape by collecting the Galaxy stone.

– Kaya: Mysterious
Darkno’s partner who shares his ambition of ruling the universe.
She works as an undercover archeologist to spy on Rex.

– Mechagolem: Kaya’s robot which is the ambitious weapon by Vito.
The robot can divided into a drone and its body.
As the episodes are repeated, Mechagolem evolves.

– Dino Buster / Dino Kaiser
(D-Buster / Mega D-Buster / Ultra D-Buster)
(D-Kaiser / Mega D-Kaiser / Ultra D-Kaiser)
DinoCores can combine with each other and other Mech Dinos.
The Robot features different skills and power depending on the elements.

– Mech Dino
Dark Mech Dino: Mech Dino which is possessed by Darkno’s Dark energy.
Mech Dino: The Dark Mech Dino must be purified back to Mech Dino.
Dino Disk: Mech Dino can be turned into a disk and used in battle.

▷ FULL HD 3D Animation / Korean Animation / Dinosaur Animation
▷ Hope you enjoy this 3D animation by TUBA n.

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