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★John TV – Introduction
John is the ‘brainy one’ in the main episodes.
He helps Rex defeat the Dark Mech Dino by sharing his knowledge and analysis on dinosaurs.
John TV is John’s very own Vlog. On John TV, he explains the hidden features and additional information of DinoCore.
John TV’s main aim is to provide a deeper insight to viewers.
This spin off series will help enhance fan engagement and expand the exciting world of DinoCore.

★DinoCore Story Line – Season 1 Episode 11
Sitting inside the museum, Kaya is deep in thought.
She is remembering how Rex saved her from falling into the lava in the last fight.
Right then, Kaya receives word from Darkno. Darkno speaks of how Rex has saved Kaya’s life with distaste.
Also, he tells her he will give her one last chance and orders her to get rid of Rex and the DinoCore.

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