Dinosaurs may have been extinct for 65 million years, but that has not stopped generations of children from being fascinated by them. Because of this, your child may want to have a Dinosaur Birthday Party, and by using some of these neat ideas and using dinosaur-themed birthday party supplies, you will be able to provide a 'dino-sized' good time for everyone at the party.

Favorite Dinosaur?

When you send the invitations out, send them out in dinosaur shapes. This will make it clear to everyone who sees them what the party theme is and what they should expect. When you do send out the invitations, make sure you ask each child what their favorite type of dinosaur is. Have them reply to your son or daughter, who can then let you know. Once you know their favorite dinosaur, you can then make name tags and placemats in the shape of all their favorite dinosaurs so each child knows where they sit, everyone's names and they will feel special because they will have a dinosaur designed specifically for them.


Find out what the favorite dinosaur movie of the children is, and then rent that movie for them. It could be Jurassic Park, or it could be Disney's Dinosaur. Either way, providing a dinosaur movie to the children will help occupy their time.

Make A Dinosaur

Let the children be creative by giving them the tools and materials to create their own dinosaur at the table. Provide them with glitter, eyes, paint and anything else that may be needed, some of which can be found in dinosaur-themed birthday party supplies. The children can then keep the dinosaur and take it home as a memento of their time at the birthday party, serving as a reminder of all the fun they had.


Nothing beats a big cake shaped like a dinosaur. There are plenty of recipes on the net that will show you how to put together a dinosaur shaped cake, complete with green icing and edible eyes. Try and spruce the cake up by making it square with a dinosaur in it, along with some dinosaur scenery. It will be the hit of the party.

Going to have a dinosaur-themed birthday party can be a difficult task, but if you use some of these ideas, you will be able to put together a dinosaur party that will delight everyone. Whether it is dinosaur invitations, a dino-movie, or simply the kids enjoying making their own dinosaur before a dino-cake, you will be able to put on an excellent party.

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