Does your kid love dinosaurs? I know I was fascinated by dinosaurs when I was a kid. I enjoyed looking at all of the different species of dinosaurs and being amazed by how different they looked. Dinosaurs for kids can be a great past time.

These are some of the most recognized dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Also known as t-rex, this dinosaur is known to be the king of all predators. It had a massive jaw with huge teeth and powerful legs that can walk long distances. However, its arms were very small. Some scientists believe that t-rex was not a predator. Instead it was just a large scavenger that fed on dead prey. They argue that t-rex's arms were too small to hold on to prey.

True predators like raptors have long arms with big talons. T-rex's arms are useless in comparison.


This was probably my favorite dinosaur when I was a kid. It is widely believed that the triceratops used its three horns as a defensive weapon.

But there are also those that believe that the horns were used for courtship rituals similar to deer, goats, and other horned animals. So the horns were just used for display.

This is supported by the fact that torosaursus and triceratops are actually the same animal. Torosaurus has a larger thrill with holes and is actually shown to be a triceratops that has fully grown.


When you think of velociraptor, you may remember the film Jurassic park. In the film the velociraptors stool taller than humans and was a fiercer predator. However, in reality it actually stood around 2 feet tall and weighed only 33 pounds. The velociraptor was also covered in feathers. Only Utahraptor stood taller than a human and was the largest species of raptor.


Many people think that t-rex was the biggest predator. But spinosaurs was actually the largest predator to walk this earth. Some scientists believe that the elongated spines were a hump. Others think that it was a sail designed to cool down the body temperature of the animal.


This dinosaur had a thick skull covered in dull spikes. The thick skull lead to the idea that these dinosaurs engaged in head butting combat. However, the dinosaur's skull was not designed or shaped to withstand impact. Thus, this theory has been dismissed.

Facts like these can be very interesting for your kid. There are tons of species of Dinosaurs for kids to look up.

Source by Michael Yg Kim

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