Dinosaurs for kids - How to make a Brachiosaurus - DIY for children

DIY for children about how to make Dinosaurs for kids using play doh. Learn about Brachiosaurus – one of the highest dinosaurs that have ever lived on Earth. Hey, ou can make it yourself out of clay! Let’s find out a lot of new interesting things about this amazing dinosaur! The Brachiosaurus lived sixty five millions years ago, so there is a very slight chance that you might see it ever, maybe only at a Museum of Paleontology. They had powerful teeth, they ate only leaves of trees, but they were swallowing rocks – which helped them to digest food. An interesting fact is that the nostrils of the Brachiosaurus were placed higher than the eyes, right on the forehead. The neck of Brachiosaurus was almost half of his body. His height was of thirteen meters, and his weight – fifty tons. His length was longer than a railway carriage, can you imagine that? A very interesting dinosaur!

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