RUNNING FROM A T-REX - music video FOR KIDS - Dinosaur Songs by Daddy Donut

Music video for preschool kids/children who love dinosaurs. ‘Running from a T-rex’ is taken from ‘Dinosaur Songs’ by Daddy Donut. It’s Tiny T-rex – run!
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This was my first music video. It was filmed in the park in Kalmar, Sweden. The kid in the video is my dinosaur-loving son for whom I wrote the song. Thank you all for watching and sharing!

‘Running from a T-rex’ is a song from the album DINOSAUR SONGS by Daddy Donut. DINOSAUR SONGS is an children’s album with songs about some of the most famous dinosaurs: T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus etc. My aim was to make an album that both children AND parents could enjoy. On the album you will also hear about some some lesser known dino species like the itsy bitsy Tinysaur and the self-centered Egosaurus.

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Words and music by Daddy Donut (Carl-Otto Johansson)
ISWC: T-910874491-8
ISRC: SEYFP1200106

“Dinosaur_Loud Roar2” by CGEffex, CC BY 3.0 license,
“scream.wav” by analogchill, sampling + license,


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