Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Showdown. Pretend Play & Rides with Dinosaur Patrol

Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Showdown. Pretend Play & Rides with Dinosaur Patrol. Thank you for watching our dinosaurs for kids channel, the Dinosaur Patrol.

Our Jurassic World has taken the Dinosaur Patrol to another fun and awesome Summer Carnival for kids adventures with Chase and Cole’s dinosaur friends. With so many rides to choose from, James the t rex, Bobby the Brontosaurus and Tommy the Triceratops couldn’t help but join in on the fun. Of course, leave it to Blue the Raptor to make everything into a friendly competition and race the Dinosaur Patrol across the new dinosaur box fort and all of the fun houses.

We couldn’t think of a better way to close the summer than going to another carnival with our dinosaur friends from Jurassic World. The Dinosaur Patrol and all of the dinosaurs continue to keep Dino Dad very busy!


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The Dinosaur Patrol will go on Dinosaur rescue missions every week to save the Dinosaurs who are stranded across the country after getting free from Jurassic World. When they are not using their Jurassic Park Power Wheels to save their Dinosaur friends, they do what friends do, go to the movies, to the beach, to the carnival, to the parks and all sorts of fun places. But sometimes even a trip to park can turn into an unexpected adventure!

We will be posting NEW videos to our Dinosaur Channel every Friday. And who knows, maybe we will add in a Saturday if our Dinosaur Parks start to fill up.

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