Go Home Dinosaurs for iPad out now!

Go Home Dinosaurs for iPad trailer!

About the Game
Todd Rex wants steak. Todd Rex wants YOUR steak. Are you gonna let him take it? No way! Go Home, Dinosaurs!

Prevent hordes of marauding Dinos from crashing your party in the world’s premier BBQ defense simulator! Unlock powerful towers that act like little weaponized puzzle pieces. Take control of a rock-throwing, coconut-gathering gopher and build your battlefield to keep those Dinos at bay. With adorable characters, intense strategy, and intuitive touch controls Go Home Dinosaurs is accessible enough for kids and challenging enough for adults. It’s a game truly everyone will love!

Go Home Dinosaurs Features:

Highly innovative, bar-setting tower defense gameplay
A beautiful, vibrant 3D world and adorable characters
60 levels of Dino brawling action spread across three worlds!
18 collectible cards that feature a colorful cast of characters, including DJ G04, a trio of robot buddies, and a
Meteor-summoning Mad Scientist!
Adorable Dinos with individual traits and personalities
Insane boss levels!
Challenging strategic gameplay involving fitting together colorful, puzzle piece shaped defenses
Carefully pick your defenses before each level
Purchase costumes and powerups for your gopher with coins you earn beating levels (no IAP)
Don’t like steaks? Change them out in Veggie Mode!


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