GODZILLA’s REVENGE Destroys City | Toys Videos for Kids Godzilla vs Dinosaurs Monster Movie 4

Godzilla vs. Dinosaurs toys videos movie 4: GODZILLA is after revenge and is MAD! He followed the humans back to the BIG CITY and is on the hunt for his baby egg. While at the city Godzilla decides to destroy everything including buildings, bridges and anything else that gets in his way. The military sends in helicopters and fighter jets to destroy Godzilla but it doesn’t work as Godzilla is too strong. He eventually finds his baby egg and leaves the city after destroying it. Video includes the review of two really cool effects playlets used to make the video. What will happen in the finale of Godzilla vs Dinosaurs? See the final episode by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JsYXZQG1P0&feature=youtu.be&list=PLQumhIwUkFmStE9np1bv3uVD2DF-20QbE

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