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“”Haplocanthosaurus”” is a genus of sauropod dinosaur. Two species, “H. delfsi” and “H. priscus”, are known from incomplete fossil skeletons. It lived during the late Jurassic period , 155 to 152 million years ago. The type species is “H. priscus”, and the referred species “H. delfsi” was discovered by a young college student named Edwin Delfs in Colorado, USA. “Haplocanthosaurus” specimens have been found in the very lowest layer of the Morrison Formation, along with “Hesperosaurus”, “Brontosaurus yahnahpin”, and “Allosaurus jimmadensi”.

“Haplocanthosaurus” was one of the smallest sauropods of the Morrison. While some Morrison sauropods could reach lengths of over 20 meters , “Haplocanthosaurus” was smaller, reaching a total length of 14.8 meters and an estimated weight of 12.8 metric tons.

There are four known specimens of “Haplocanthosaurus”: one of “H. delfsi”, and three of “H. priscus”. Of these, the type of “H. delfsi” is the only one complete enough to mount. The mounted specimen of “H. delfsi” now stands in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, albeit with a completely speculative replica skull, as the actual skull was not recovered. Present in stratigraphic zones 1, 2, and 4. If the specimen of “Morosaurus” “agilis” is included, “Haplocanthosaurus” is also known from fragments of a skull and cervicals 1-3. Recently described specimens from a different region of the Morrison Formation were assigned to “Haplocanthosaurus” in 2014. The study describing them noted that “Haplocanthosaurus” is known for certain from at least four specimens, assigned to “H. priscus” , “H. utterbacki” , “H. delfsi” , and “H.” sp. . Up to seven additional specimens have been assigned to “Haplocanthosaurus”? of Haplocanthosauridae indet..

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