The Panda and Penguin updates are making it very clear that Google will not let Webmasters rest in peace. But do you know something? There are ways that make sure your website not only survives the current algorithm updates, but also functions well in the coming generations. And it is our favorite Spielberg movie Jurassic Park from where we can take these valuable tips and lessons.

Are you wondering how this is possible? Let us find out the truth behind the statement:

Know What Is More Important

In the movie, Dr. Ian Malcolm was a chaos theorist and a mathematician. Malcolm's most famous feature was his fetish for black clothing. He thought that fashion was simply a waste of time, as there were other important matters in life. This is the reason he kept his wardrobe simple, and tried to focus more on the serious issues around him.

This is the attitude you need to have while working on your website. Do not spend much time on visual appearance, as minimalist design is the current trend. You need to emphasize on the more significant things like gaining better visibility in the SERPs.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

When Dr. Ellie Sattler, a paleobotany expert in the movie, wonders why there are poisonous plants in the park, the officials blankly said that these plants got chosen because they were visibly appealing. They did not even know that these plants were very dangerous for the dinosaurs.

It is natural for you to try applying all the SEO configurations that can help your website. However, you must understand the implications before implementing them. If you understand a modification before implementing it, you will have greater chances of honing its potentials. For example, a good meta-description can attract more customers than higher rankings in the SERPs.

Avoid Becoming a Narrow Thinker

Dr. Malcolm also stated that the park officials were narrow thinkers, and this narrow thinking pretended them from knowing the consequences of their actions. He called them " thintelligent " people because they were failing to understand their surroundings and the possible outcomes of their actions.

You need to comprehend the bigger picture by knowing the consequences. People who follow the illegal SEO tactics fall into Malcolm's " thintelligent " category. They lose sight of the greater good, and solely focus on the rankings.


Google takes a little time to find the rule breakers. But when it finds out, every illegal work ends up taking major penalties. You must remember that Jurassic Park fell apart before the officials could realize the errors. Do not let this happen to your website. You need to become responsible and reliable in front of Google. And you need to learn from the mistakes of Jurassic Park officials, follow the right SEO tactics, and carry them out to reap great results.

Source by Agnipravo Sengupta

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