JURASSIC WORLD DINOSAURS Slime Wheel Game | Toy Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Eggs + Surprise Toys

Jurassic World Dinosaurs are back in the spinning wheel slime game where you guess which dinosaur has the slime and then we open TONS of Surprise Dinosaur Toys and some from the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Movie. Included in this video are Jurassic World Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs (Scented), Knock-off Big Lego Trex and Indoraptor, Plush Indominus Rax, Christmas T-Rex Plush, Dinosaur catcher 4×4 vehicle, 2-headed long neck dinosaur that sounds like Godzilla, a crazy dragon looking dinosaur with a hatching egg that sounds like Godzilla, a mini dinosaur (1″ long), a flying remote control trex and more surprise toys!!

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