Jurassic World Explorers: WORLD’S BIGGEST T-REX! | Jurassic World

On this episode of Jurassic World Explorers, Coyote, Mark, and Mario team up with Jurassic World Franchise paleontologist Brian Switek, to take a look at the skeletal remains from some of the film’s most iconic dinosaurs. With the Chicago Field Museum’s Hall of Dinosaurs as their prehistoric themed backdrop, we travel from the Jurassic and into the Cretaceous, where ultimately the team gets an exclusive visit with SUE. Hailing as the biggest, best-preserved and most complete T-Rex skeleton ever unearthed, the team is granted special access to film the skeleton while its new exhibit is under construction. We are proud to announce that SUE’s new exhibit within the museum’s Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet will officially be open to the public beginning Friday, December 21, 2018.

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Get ready, we are about to see the WORLD’S BIGGEST T-REX!

Special thanks to Brian Switek for bringing his dinosaur expertise to this episode.

For more information, visit his website: http://www.brianswitek.net/

Special thanks to the Chicago Field Museum and its incredible staff for hosting the Jurassic World Explorers. To share its scientific and educational mission, The Field welcomes visitors from all over the world every year.

Extra special thanks to: Angelica Lasala, Brandon Peecook and Bill Simpson

For more information, visit their website: http://www.fieldmuseum.org

This video includes movie footage from the Jurassic World franchise. Viewer discretion advised!

Stay Tuned… Season 2 of Jurassic World Explorers enters production soon! Jurassic World Explorers is truly an adventure 65 Million Years in the making!

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Jurassic World Explorers: WORLD’S BIGGEST T-REX! | Jurassic World


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