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“”Kritosaurus”” is an incompletely known genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur. It lived about 74-70 million years ago, in the Late Cretaceous of North America. The name means “separated lizard” , but is often mistranslated as “noble lizard” in reference to the presumed “Roman nose” . Despite the dearth of material, this herbivore appeared frequently in dinosaur books until the 1990s, although what was usually represented was the much more completely known “Gryposaurus”, then thought to be a synonym.

The type specimen of “Kritosaurus navajovius” is only represented by a partial skull and lower jaws, and associated postcranial remains. The greater portion of the muzzle and upper beak are missing. The length of the skull is estimated at 87 centimeters from the tip of the upper beak to the base of the quadrate that articulates with the lower jaw at the back of the skull. Potential diagnostic characteristics of “Kritosaurus” include a predentary without tooth-like crenulations, a sharp downward bend to the lower jaws near the beak, and a heavy, somewhat rectangular maxilla .

Based on the skull originally referred to “Anasazisaurus”, the form of the complete crest is that of a tab or flange of bone, from the nasals, that rises between and above the eyes and folds back under itself. This unique crest allows it to be distinguished from similar hadrosaurs, like “Gryposaurus”. The top of the crest is roughened, and the maximum preserved length of the skull is ~90 centimeters .

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