What better way to show off your love for Disney than by collecting Mickey Mouse figurines? Mickey is 82 years old and an icon of our culture. He's appeared in TV shows, comics, collectible items, video games, and countless other forms that show how important he is to our society. In fact, Mickey is so popular that he almost always shows up on the presidential election ballot – when people do not want to vote for the candidates listed, they might list someone jokingly. He is so popular that he continues to make the cut, election after election. As a result of his cultural impact – not to mention how cute he is – it's easy to find tons of collectible Mickey Mouse figurines that span decades.

You can find Mickey Mouse figurines in just about any form you want them – they come in glass, clay, stone, plastic, and any other material you can think of. He can appear with other characters (like his friends Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy) or by himself. He's also representative of America's obsession with other cultures – Mickey can be found dressed in clothing that is indicative of other cultures. That in itself could make for a sizable Mickey Mouse figurine collection!

One of the great things about collecting Mickey is that he is universally loved. If you have kids, you know that having your Mickey Mouse figurines displayed in your home will make them happy. Unlike other collections, which may bore children, Mickey is something that they recognize and enjoy. Just be careful to keep them from playing with delicate or rare figures if you're worried about them breaking or losing their value! It would be really fun to make your collection into a family activity-let your kids collect their own figurines and show them off in their rooms.

Source by Kate Furst

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