Qantassaurus: I Know Dino Podcast Episode 213

Qantassaurus: I Know Dino Podcast Episode 213
A new titanosaur in Argentina, how dinosaur skulls became bird skulls, and more

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In dinosaur news this week: A new titanosaur from Argentina was named Baalsaurus; Two new pterosaurs were found with fossilized feathers—making a shared feathery ancestor between dinosaurs and pterosaurs slightly more likely; A new dinosaur trackway from East Sussex, England preserves at least 7 species among 85 tracks; Embryonic research of birds explains where two missing bones went as dinosaurs evolved into birds; New details on the first two dinosaur fossils found in Oregon; BBC explains hw a shepherd in South Africa found a massive dinosaur bonebed; Canadian Museum of Nature is preparing a large Triceratops skull; A Smithsonian article discusses the complexities of the dinosaur extinction; Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel from SV-Pow are writing a paper on Github; Ulsan, South Korea has a new Dinosaur Footprint Park; Das Praehistorium in Germany has a “Moby Dick” like Megalodon experience and dinosaur sculptures; The BoJack Horseman writer Jonny Sun posted a really unfortunate dinosaur toy that he won; Jurassic Park has now been added to the National Film Registry; The game Jurassic World Evolution has a new update, with three new dinosaurs you can have in your park; Jurassic World 3 will feature dinosaurs as more of an invasive species than Godzilla-like city-destroyers

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We also talk to Dustin Growick, the Senior Creative Consultant at Museum Hack at AMNH. He also hosts Caveat’s VERSUS in NYC and the popular YouTube channel The Dinosaur Show. Follow him on Instagram @dinosaurwhisperer.

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This week’s dinosaur of the day is Qantassaurus
Ornithopod that lived in the Cretaceous in what is now Australia (when it was south of the Antarctic Circle)
Bipedal and herbivorous
Lower jaw had ten teeth
Based on relatives, would have had short thighs and long shins, and been a fast runner
Probably ran away from predators, similar to a gazelle
Had claws on feet, and a long tail stiffened by ossified tendons (helped with turning)
About 6 ft (1.8 m) long
Probably had a beak, and leaf-shaped teeth in the back
Browser, probably ate ferns and other vegetation using its hands
May have travelled in herds or flocks
Lived in a polar region
Probably lived in cold temperatures (21 to 37°F, or -6 to 5 °C), and coldest during polar nights, which lasted up to 3 months
Probably adapted to survive the cold
Relatives were active throughout the year (no hibernation)
Dinosaur burrows, of possibly small ornithopods, have been found along the southern Victorian coast (could be Qantassaurus?)


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