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Kids fascinated by dinosaurs often bring up a whole raft of questions such as “When did they live?”, “Which one was the mighty one?”, “Which was the biggest dinosaur?”.

For those dino kids, here we are with new dinosaur series.
The series features fun dinosaur facts which give kids opportunities to extend their interests in dino.
Then, here we go! Boom-boom-Dino World!

You are watching “Spinosaurus VS Tyrannosaurus”, a super fun dinosaur song created by Pinkfong.

★ Lyrics
Spinosaurus VS Tyrannosaurus

Who is the King of dinosaurs?
Me! Me! Spinosaurus!
Me! Me! Tyrannosaurus!

Gigantic jaw
Spiny sail
Spinosaurus goes roar roar roar!
Feet go stomp.
Jaws go crunch.
Nothing can beat my crocodile jaws.

Me! Me! Spinosaurus!
Me! Me! Tyrannosaurus!

Sharp teeth
Powerful claws
Tyrannosaurus goes roar roar roar!
Feet go stomp.
Jaws go crunch.
Nothing can beat my super sharp teeth!

It’s not over yet.

Singer: Michael Yantzi, Anipen Matthew Digiacomo, Hope Marie Segoine, Charity Wynn Segoine

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