Spore Dino Showcase - EDMONTOSAURUS

[PG13 Nature Violence]

Spore Dinosaur Showcase Episode 6: Duckbill Journey

So far, this has been the LONGEST episode I have made up-to-date so far. This is because of the number of scenes put in the video. A LOT of credit have to be given for the music and sound effects used too. Also, I heard recently that the composer for the Land Before Time, James Horner, has passed away, so this may be a little tribute for him.

My series Spore Dino Showcase focuses on a certain prehistoric creature on the game I play, Spore, and its lifestyle in ‘adventure’ mode, with the use of sound effects, to replace most of Spore sounds, as well as background music and based on various documentaries.

Set in the late Cretaceous period in North America, follow the 40 foot long hadrosaur Edmontosaurus on a journey as it hangs out in herds, feeding on vegetation, migrating to the south during winter and evading the monstrous predators that hunted these peaceful herbivores for food. Based on footages from several documentaries, we will guide you on the lifestyle of the Edmontosaurus in this 20 minute video.

If you want to see more of my Spore stuff, view my Public Spore Page; my username is the same (edmundpjc). Credit to those whom I mention in the show.

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