Struthiomimus Movie from 3-D Dinosaur Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version

Incase you people are wondering how i got this videos up during the day its because i don’t have school this week because its midwinter break. These videos where requested by slakecoldblade. This is the whole 3-D Dinosaur Adventure Theater(including Opening Movie). This went faster than exepect cause anyone who uses the DOSBox recorder knows that DOSBox records multple different files because it changes when ever the screen Resoultion changes.

Movie 19 of 25 out of the Movie Theater Anyways this movie was in the Movie theater.

One thing i forgot to point out in the First video of the Movies is that some of these videos were from a 1980s Dinosaur Documentary that i saw on Discovery once back in the late 90s. This one was in it and is edited. From what i remember(I’m gonna have to see the documentary soon) after it rolled the eggs out of th nest from where it stopped here it i am postive the Dinosaur of the nest found it and scared it off to where it begins in part 2. I am sure thats what happened. The Documentary used Claymation and stopmotion.

This Movie Struthiomimus is basicly a struthiomimus stealing and eating eggs from a nest.

Part 2(It wasn’t put together for the people who have gotten confused with the other video it was separted but in order with the 2 videos this is how its supposed to go)

Deinonychus Hunting Movie from 3-D Dinosaur Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version

This game along with the other Knowledge Adventure MS-DOS games came with my Uncles Packard Bell MS-DOS 6.22/Windows 3.1 Packard Bell. I’ve been playing them since the day before Christmas break my kindergarden year 1997. I wasn’t able to play them from like 2003 untill i got DOSBox working in November of 2008. This movie was in the Reference Center but like all the other movies was in the Windows remake of 3-D Dinosaur Adventure

This movie was not in Dinosaur Adventure.

Anyways Enjoy The Video!!

If there is any music, movie, refrence center page, Activity or anything from the 3-D Body Adventure, Kids Zoo, 3-D Dinosaur Adventure,Speed, Space Adventure and or Undersea Adventure you want posted here on youtube please request it in either a Comment on the video or my page or a message to me and i will put you in the line.

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