Surroundings - Diclonius

Our new single, “Diclonius”.
Mixed by Jordan Valeriote:
Mastered by Troy Glessner:

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You’ve betrayed me
Took all of which remained
All trust torn and pushed aside
Imprisoned for a lifetime
For your selfishness

Dark thoughts
Tease my wandering mind
Sanity is a means of justification
For the pain
That you have caused
Your time will come
For you to experience
What its been like
All the torment
Of what i’ve been through

Cleansed of your sins
As you stand before the gates of hell
Can you stand
On your own
You brought this on yourself

I can’t let go

I will decimate
All of what you love
All that you cherish
And leave you still breathing
But so powerless
I can’t let go

I force a gaze to the skies above
And realize
This life has changed
Familiar faces
Haunt my dreams
This never ending nightmare

I can’t let go
I can’t look past
These tormented souls
Breathe your last breath

Burn in hell

#Brachiosaurus #Dinosaurs

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