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Astronomers Watch As A Black Hole’s Jet Wobbles Like a Top

This illustration shows how astronomers think V404 Cygni’s black hole is tilted from the disk of material around it, causing […]

SNAPSHOT: This Star Jet Spans a Whopping 33 Light-Years

The dazzling nebula N 180 B (left) sits within the Large Magellanic Cloud. Recently, astronomers probed the star-forming region and […]

JetCreations' Inflatable Small Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

JetCreations’ Inflatable Small Brachiosaurus Dinosaur

http://myjetstore.com/25intabr.html Check out our Brachiosaurus here! http://myjetstore.com/la78intabr.html Check out the “bigger” version here! Named for the longer legs in the […]

JetCreations' Inflatable Triceratops Dinosaur

JetCreations’ Inflatable Triceratops Dinosaur

http://myjetstore.com/so15inlotr.html Check out our Triceratops here! The name literally means “Three horned-face” It is easy to see why! RAWR~! source […]