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Roar! Join Pinkfong’s fun ‘Shadow Theater’ and find out more about the best hunter T-Rex, and other dinosaurs!

You’re watching “The Best Hunder, T-Rex”, a fun dinosaur shadow play, created by Pinkfong!

★ Lyrics

I am the best hunter,
Tyrannosaurus Rex!
With mighty teeth and strong legs!
Nothing is safe!
The King of Hunters,

“I’m starving!
I haven’t had a good meal for so long!
I think it’s time to hunt!”

I’m Triceratops!
I have three marvelous horns!”

“Look who’s here!
It’s Triceratops!
She’ll make for a perfect lunch!”

It’s Tyrannosaurus!
Let’s see if you can take this!”

My head!
Today is your lucky day!”

I have very fast legs
as fast as a school bus.
I’m the fastest dinosaur.
Who’s the fastest?
It’s me!
Gallimimus! Gallimimus! Gallimimus!

“What a run!
Oh my!
Look at these yummies!”

“Hey, Gallimimus!
You’ll be my lunch for today!”

“Run for your life!”

“He won’t find me here.”

“Got ya, Gallimimus!
And I’m gonna eat you!”

“Catch me if you can!”

“My teeth got stuck on a branch!
Gallimimus, please help me!”

“Aren’t you going to eat me?”

“I promise I won’t.
Please help!”

“Okay then.
I will help!
One, two, three!
I can’t do this on my own.
Triceratops, can you help me?”

“All right!”

“One, two, three, pull!”
“What a relief!”
“Are you okay?”
“Thank you guys.
I’m sorry about earlier,
the lunch thing and all that.”

today was not a good day for hunting.
I’m so hungry!”

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