Dinosaurs evolved from reptiles over 230 million years ago and were on Earth for about 65 million years before going extinct for reasons that aren’t exactly clear. For centuries, their fossils have fascinated people for a whole host of reasons, like their size, their ferocity, and the fact that they resemble mythical creatures.

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10. The Apatosaurus’ Tail Could Break the Sound Barrier
9. Ankylosaurus’ Club Tail Could Break a T-Rex’s Ankles
8. The T-Rex of the South was a Cannibal
7. The Triceratops Was a Herbivore You Didn’t Want to Mess With
6. How Big was Big?
5. Fastest Predator
4. Mapusauruses: The Large Carnivores That Hunted in Packs
3. The Utahraptor was Bigger and Scarier than the Velociraptor
2. The Biggest Carnivore
1. Why the T-Rex is King of the Dinosaurs

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