Tribute to Theropod Dinosaurs

Theropoda means “Beast Feet”.

Theropods featuring in this video (with the name of their respective shows included):

Albertosaurus (Prehistoric park)
Allosaurus (Walking with dinosaurs and Allosaur)
Ceratosaurus (When dinosaurs roamed America)
Coelophysis (Walking with dinosaurs)
Dilophosaurus (When dinosaurs roamed America)
Dromeasaurus (When dinosaurs roamed America)
Giganotosaurus (Chased by Dinosaurs)
Iberomesornis (Walking with dinosaurs)
Microraptors (Prehistoric park)
Ornitholestes (Walking with dinosaurs)
Ornithomimus (Prehistoric park)
Therizinosaurus (Chased by Dinosaurs)
Troodon (Prehistoric park)
Tyrannosaurus (Walking with dinosaurs, Prehistoric park and When dinosaurs roamed America)
Utahraptors (Walking with dinosaurs)
Velociraptor (Chased by Dinosaurs and The Truth about killer dinosaurs)
Modern Birds (My pet dinosaur)

Running machines… later, flying machines!

Music: Dropkick Murphys, “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”.

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