Triceratops Dinosaur Showing Mouth-Dino Park Praha-Czech Republic Watch Triceratops dinosaur showing its mouth at Dino Park Praha in Prague. You’ll be able to see a close up of this 3 horned animal that looks like the beast from the apocalypse, you’ll even see its teeth and tongue. In spite of the spooky look, triceratops were plant eating animals. They lived about 65 million years ago in what is now the continental USA.

In this video the triceratops is quite animated and it even makes what are supposed to be triceratops sounds. When I visited this dino park in 2011 the triceratops was not moving at all but it was still quite impressive. If you like you can check out my video from that time at the link below. If you read the description under that video you can find out more information about triceratops there, including the size of these animals.


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