The Tyrannosaurus Rex, often abbreviated, T Rex is generally considered the king of the dinosaurs. As a matter of fact, the Rex in its name is latin for "King" while "Tyrannosaurus" means "Tyrant Lizard." Put that all together, and this dinosaurs name translates to "Tyrant Lizard King." Their fossils were found in the present western part of North America. It lived during the Cretaceous Period along side some other famous dinosaurs like the Triceratops and Hadrosaurs both of which probably acted as food sources for this large and hungry Tyrant Lizard. Below you will find some of the more striking features of this giant creature that made it different from the other species of dinosaurs.

  1. They are believed to be the largest creatures that exist on earth. Bipedal carnivore, Tyrannosaurs were extremely huge in size and it measured approximately 12.3 meters long and about 4 meters from the hip. The female T Rex had an intense pelvic structure probably for the passage of eggs. Detailed research although has doubt about its exact mass but its believed to vary between 5.4 to about 6.8 metric tons.
  2. They had an S shaped neck structure, though short, but capable enough to support the massive skull and the heavy long tail. Their skulls were about 5 feet long and extremely wide with narrow nozzle that keep them the unusual ability to have a binocular vision. Due to the powerful nature of the skull bones, they were extremely capable in hunting their preys without failure. Research has unveiled the fact that they had the strongest biting ability that any creature could have and a comparable study has shown that it could have imagined to be about 15 times of that of an African lion.
  3. They unduly had strong fore limbs with two clawed fingers with a metacarpal characterizing the residue of the third finger. Their hind limbs were comparatively huge and were solely responsible to balance its massive structure. Although awesome in size, T Rex had no movement difficulty since most of the bones in the skeleton were hollow, reducing a significant amount of its mass without affecting its strength.
  4. The unbelievable growth curve these creatures had. A juvenile weighed 1800 kg till 14 years age. After that phase their body mass changed hugely and it is believed to be about an increase of 600 kg per year. Now you know what makes T rex the largest creature and definitely king of dinosaurs. Although their life span was not that huge, it was only limited to about six years after reaching its sexual development.

Source by Edward Genovese

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