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“”Unenlagia”” is a genus of, possibly dromaeosaurid, theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina.

The genus “Unenlagia” has been assigned two species: “U. comahuensis”, the type species described by Novas and Puerta in 1997, and “U. paynemili”, described by Calvo “et al.” in 2004.

In 1996 in the Neuquén province of Argentina a skeleton of a theropod was discovered in the Sierra del Portezuelo and reported the same year. In 1997 Fernando Emilio Novas and Pablo Puerta named and described “Unenlagia comahuensis”. The generic name is derived from Mapuche “uñen”, “half”, and “lag”, “bird”, in reference to the fact that the describers considered the species to be a link between birds and more basal theropods. The specific name refers to the Comahue, the region the find was made.

The holotype specimen, “MCF PVPH 78”, was uncovered in layers of the Portezuelo Formation dating to the Coniacian. It consists of a partial skeleton lacking the skull but including vertebrae, a sacrum, ribs, chevrons, a scapula, a humerus, a partial pelvis, a femur and a tibia.

In 2002 near the Lago Barreales a second skeleton was uncovered and reported in 2003. In 2004 it was named and described by Jorge Calvo, Juan Porfiri and Alexander Kellner as a second species: “Unenlagia paynemili”. The specific name honours Maximino Paynemil, the chief of the Paynemil community. The holotype is MUCPv-349, a partial skeleton consisting of a humerus and two pubes. Several paratypes were also assigned: MUCPv-343, a claw; MUCPv-409, a partial ilium; MUCPv-415, a phalanx and MUCPv-416, a vertebra.

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