"Velociraptor," Dinosaurs Songs by StoryBots

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We are now in the Cretaceous Period.

Looks like there are some dinosaurs approaching…

Velociraptors, Velocirappin’
When we run up, who knows what’ll happen?

Velociraptors, Velocirappin’
Don’t get too close or teeth’ll start snappin’!

When it comes to dinosaurs we are SMALL
6 feet long and 3 feet TALL

But our size doesn’t matter at ALL
We’re quick and speedy when it’s time to BRAWL

Long flat snout with a real strong JAW
Jagged teeth and a real sharp CLAW
When we eat food we like it RAW

Shimmy shimmy yam shimmy yay shimmy YAW

We look like birds, you may have GUESSED
We lay eggs inside a NEST
We’ve got feathers so we stay well-DRESSED

I’m king of the dinos, even I’m impressed

Long strong legs with lots of POWER
Runnin’ 24 miles per HOUR

We don’t want to eat that FLOWER
Give us meat, and we’ll DEVOUR!

Velociraptors, Velocirappin’
When we run up, who knows what’ll happen?

Velociraptors, Velocirapping
Don’t get too close or teeth’ll start snapping!

Why are you wearing all those flowers?

So they don’t eat me.

Good idea!

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