What Was the World's Biggest Dinosaur?

The biggest of the big may have weighed as much as 15 African elephants.

Which dinosaur was the biggest and heaviest? T-Rex, triceratops, the mighty brontosaurus? Actually, these famous dinos aren’t even in the same ballpark as the top heavyweight contenders, which may have weighed as much as 15 African elephants. Find out which dinosaurs are in the running for the top spot and why it’s so difficult to determine who truly was the biggest of the big.


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Written, narrated and animated by Eric R. Olson
Design and illustration by Victoria Malabrigo

Skeletal reference drawings:
Apatosaurus by Scott Hartman
Argentinosaurus & Alamosaurus by Zach Armstrong
Dreadnoughtus by Ken Lacovara

Special thanks to Matt Wedel, Kristina Curry Rogers, Diego Pol

Hot Potato by Brian Watson via Shockwave-Sound.com

Sound effects (via freesound.org):

Meadow ambience by eric5335
Cartoony clangs by spade2
T-Rex roar by cgeffex
Ratchet by soundbytez
Fast simple chop by davedes
Gulp male by brookmorgan
Xylophone for cartoon by sergeeeo
Frog block by jagdamba
Spacey power up by gameaudio
Pop or bloop by scratchnsniff
Pringle ascending by iykqic0
Watch beep by clippysounds
Scribble by waldram
Footsteps on wood floor by ambiosis
Crunchy bite by inspectorj
Angry boo by jayfrosting
Rocks by adamgryu

Produced by WNET Interactive Engagement for NATURE on PBS
Copyright 2016 WNET New York Public Media



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A giant, skeletally immature invididual of Apatosaurus from the Morrison Formation of Oklahoma


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