What? Why? How? - DINOSAUR

Welcome to “What? Why? How?”!
On this video we challenge you to answer the following questions:

@0:06 What does the word “dinosaur” mean?
@0:23 What are fossils?
@0:42 When did the first dinosaurs appear?
@1:00 How were dinosaurs born?
@1:16 What would dinosaur eggs look like?
@1:40 What did dinosaurs eat?
@1:59 Are dinosaurs reptiles or birds?
@2:24 Where did dinosaurs live?
@2:41 Were there any flying dinosaurs?
@3:06 What is a triceratops?
@3:31 Why did Tyrannosaurus Rex have such tiny arms?
@3:55 Which was the largest dinosaur?
@4:18 What was the smallest dinosaur?
@4:38 What was the average size of a dinosaur?
@4:59 What was the smartest dinosaur?
@5:17 Which was the dumbest dinosaur?
@5:42 Why did dinosaurs have such long tails?
@6:03 Which was the fastest running dinosaur?
@6:23 How long did dinosaurs live on Earth?
@6:38 When was the first dinosaur bone discovered?
@6:54 Which is the oldest dinosaur?
@7:11 Why do dinosaurs look so weird?
@7:35 Which dinosaur had more teeth?
@7:59 What is a paleontologist?
@8:17 Was the pterosaur a dinosaur?
@8:33 How did dinosaurs go extinct?
@8:57 Did people and dinosaurs live at the same time?
@9:15 What is the longest dinosaur name?
@9:32 What colors were dinosaurs?
@10:05 How many different dinosaurs have been discovered?


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